My New bunny Fancy.

Sadly a few ago My sweet Layla

got sick again and she passed

away. But I knew that my Shy

was missing?her sister and needed

some company so I found a

female lionhead at same place

I got Karma from so I got her

for company for Shy. I named

her Fancy cause she so pretty.

She is a little Shy but when she

outside playing she is a very

happy bunny she all kinds of

cute bunny stuff and I really love

her very much!

A Bunny nap

My little girl bunny Shy took a nap

In house today and she enjoyed being

so much that she took a nap in her

little box and she felt so warm and safe

that she was really relaxed that she

strength all out and closed her eyes

and went to sleep and had sweet

bunny dreams.

Rainbow Bridge There s Place called the Rainbow Bridge where all loving pets go to when they die and leave us. You might think that when they passed away and you Buried them that’s end of their life But it isn’t . They live on in the Spirit realm and they all go the Rainbow Bridge there is a angel waiting on them to take the across the bridge and when they get across they get run and play, And its never too hot, or cold they never get sick they can all have grass and water they want. I know I have lots loved Bunnies over there. And I know that they always with me in my heart.So the next time you have a loved pet die and pass oneven though you going to sad and miss them very much.Just remember that will over the Rainbow Bridge waiting for you and they will have lots friends to play with.

It’s raining Men! Its raining men out there and reminds Of a song I heard on the Radio once. It said it was raining men and I wondering if it was raining men what kind of men would they be? Probably all kinds of men. And would any of them be the kind Kind I would like? And if I was Go out on my porch could I catch any Of these men. And what would catch them with a men catching net. And when they fell would one at time or two or three at a time. And if fell on my porch while was wacthing them and they bang on the door and I heard them would I let in or just let stay out there all night?

The perfect gift

What is the perfect gift to

get or give well let’s examine.

First there’s a box Chocolate

that will get ate up and you

throw away the box.

And next it’s flowers 💐

which will eventually will

die and throw out.

So you might ask what

is the perfect gift?

Well my friend I will

tell you its is book 📖

of poem cause poems

lives forever and never


Bunnies keeping warm on a very cold day

This morning the temperature was in the single digits

So I have bunnies in the house so they can stay

Warm. And they having a good time and I am to

They are hopping and sometimes playing and

chasing each other a bit and so fun to watch.

I am glad I keep them warm and safe when it’s

so cold out makes me feel better knowing they

are staying warm and safe in house until it’ gets


Layla doing better!

Just the other day I went outside to feed the

bunnies and I can tell that Layla wasn’t feelings

good cause she making a noise and it wasn’t

a good noise either cause she was in pain.

So I took her the house so she be warm and

called a friend who had bunnies too so I know

She would know what to do which she

did she asked me what was she was doing.

I told her and that she wasn’t eating.

She said that she probably has a tummy ach

Cause she has gas so I had someone get

Something for her gas. And after giving

her something for her gas for awhile and

Some tummy rubs she started to drink

Water and eating a bit and eventually

She was eating a lot and feeling so much

better that she played a bit which

I was happy to see. And after having in

house a few days she went back outside.

And I think she was happy to back

to cage and the other bunnies.

Layla playing in Straw

Layla was always one my bunnies

that loves to play in the straw.

She hid her food dish there was

Times when I had to give her

another food a few times cause

she would hide them in the straw

and I couldn’t find it. I have a bunny house for her and I think

she rather lay in the straw then

house but so fun and cute to

watch her so I be sure to give

Straw to keep warm in and hide